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Shipping & Warranty Inquiries

Because we use a variety of shipping methods to dozens of countries (UPS, USPS, Fed-EX,  Canada Post, etc..)  we do not give tracking numbers at the time of ordering.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for domestic orders and 3 to 4 weeks for International Orders.  Most orders are usually shipped within 1 business day.  A "3-day shipping" option will usually take 4 business days as it takes us a day to process, package and ship the orders, but we will ship it with the "3 day" shipping option with the cheapest shipping option to your home (UPS, Fed-Ex, USPS, etc..)

Canadian Orders:  Contact Tara at

USA Orders: For warranty claims or if your order has not arrived within 2 weeks in the USA please contact Tammy or phone (970) 270-4320

International Orders:  If your order has not arrived within 4 weeks, please contact (Outside North America) Tammy at or 1-(970) 270-4320

Customer Service -- General Inquiries

Tammy Smith

USA  & International Sales/Shipping Inquiries


Tara Hammond

Sales and Customer Service  - Canada


Contact Tammy Smith by email at for any problems concerning shipping or tracking for USA or International orders.


Contact Heavy Sports Inc Customer Service-- Toll-Free Order and Customer Service Line


Sales Fax- Wholesale/Retail : (807) 274-7835

USA/Int. Shipping Info: (970) 270-4320

Mailing Address


(Please do not send Green USA Postal Money orders to us. We cannot cash them as we bank in Canada and your money order will be returned - Click here for more information on Money Orders)

Heavy Sports Inc.
PO Box 227
International Falls, MN

USA Warranty/Product Returns must be sent to:

Rocky Mountain Fullfillment
Attn: Heavy Sports
31337 Hwy 92
Hotchkiss CO 81419

Ph: (970) 270-4320


Heavy Sports Inc.
PO Box 67
Fort Frances, Ontario
P9A 3M5, Canada
Ph: 800-241-5919