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6 HeavyGrips--Choose your models(Save $45 on MSRP!!)

6 HeavyGrips--Choose your models(Save $45 on MSRP!!)
Special--Save over $45 on MSRP of $120.00 for 6 HeavyGrips(HG). MSRP $19.95 each

Choose any combination of the 6 levels of Heavy Grips hand-grippers from the HeavyGrips 100 "Beginner" which is rated at 100inch-force-lbs and perfect for beginners, warm-ups and younger athletes to the HeavyGrips 350 "Grip Monster" which has only been closed by elite athletes who take their grip training very seriously.
Choose a combination from the HeavyGrip(HG) 100, HG150, HG200, HG250, HG300 and HG350.
If you are unsure which strength is best suited for you, please refer to our strength page.

Having stronger hands is a benefit for athletes competing or involved in many sports including archery, baseball, basketball, bowling, track and field, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, hockey, football, bodybuilding, powerlifting and much more!
We guarantee that you'll be impressing your teammates after just one month of training with the Heavygrip Hand Grippers!

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USD $70.00