How to order Heavy Grips Handgrippers with a Check or Money Order

For International Customers we accept Visa, Mastercard and Paypal only. *DO NOT SEND CHECK OR MONEY ORDER
We do not accept any checks or money orders outside USA & Canada. If you send a check from a country outside USA or Canada that does not contain sufficient postage to send it back, we may discard the check as we can't cash it.

All currency is US dollars

The easiest way to get a price on the Heavy Grips is to go to our order page and choose the items you are interested in, then continue through the shopping cart until it calculates your total with shipping and applicable taxes (for Canadian orders). If you have any problems with the shopping cart/webstore, just hit the "view cart" button to see what items are in your shopping cart.

Send Checks or US currency Money Orders (see below) to:

Sorry but we do not accept any checks or money orders outside USA & Canada. It can take up to 25 business days for a USA check to clear our Canadian bank. Please note that we may hold orders until US currency personal checks clear.


Heavy Sports Inc
PO Box 67
Fort Frances, ON
Canada, P9A 3M5

USA orders:

(for fastest USA service, please make checks out to Rocky Mountain Fulfillment for USA orders)

Heavy Sports Inc.
c/o Rocky Mountain Fulfillment

PO Box 402
Hotchkiss, CO, 81419

NO GREEN MONEY ORDERS!! Our bank and office is located in Canada and these money orders are only 'negotiable in the USA'. If you are ordering from the USA, please ensure that you are sending an International Money-order. Please note that we only accept Money-orders from Canada and the United States of America. We do not accept Money Orders outside Canada and the USA.
Sorry, but Heavy Sports Inc can not accept these MO's. Please send an International MO

Money Order Warning: Although we have a US warehouse and mailing address for the convenience of our USA customers, Heavy Sports Inc is incorporated in Canada and all checks and Money Orders must be payable in US dollars and negotiable outside the USA.

There has recently been a change to the USPS Postal Money Orders and the Postal Money Order as shown above is not accepted as we are not able to cash it at our bank in Canada. As indicated in red print on the MO, it is "Negotiable Only in the U.S. and Possessions". If we receive this type of MO, we will have no choice but to send it back to you.

The US Postal Service has International MO's that are payable in Canada and Western Union and most US banks also have MO's that can be cashed outside the USA.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Sorry but due to numerous problems in the past, we do not accept any checks or money orders outside USA & Canada