No Packaging, No Receipt, NO Refund

The Heavy Grips™ hand grippers come with a 2 week no-hassle return policy. If you are unsatisfied with your hand grippers for any reason, return them within 14 days for a full refund, not including shipping. We require that you also send the gripper packaging with the gripper so it can be re-sold.

No Packaging, No Receipt, NO Refund! NO EXCEPTIONS

Invoices/Receipts: We have had an issue with consumers sending back part or all of their order with no invoice and an unreadable handwritten return-address with no telephone number. We will no longer continue spending $25 to $50 in wages to track down consumers who do not include their invoices or order number for a refund or warranty. There are dozens of Heavy Grip distributors world-wide and we need to have an invoice or web-store receipt to prove you are a retail customer of Heavy Sports Inc. We do not offer refunds or warranty for other active Heavy Grips distributors and it is not up to us to track down the company you bought your Heavy Grips from, so please keep your original sales invoice for any returns or future warranty. If you save your invoice, your warranty, refund or exchange will be dealt with very quickly.

Most returns consist of grippers that are too tough for the consumers, so we advise you to research which gripper will be best for you. See for more information. Just because you are a naturally strong person does not mean that you will be able to close a HG300.

Exchanges: In the case that you want to return your gripper for a different model because it is not the model you want, please send a check for $6 made out to the addressee below (Rocky Mountain Fullfillment) to cover restocking, shipping and fulfillment charges to exchange the gripper.($8.00 for Canadian returns)

The return policy was not designed for gripper exchange, but we will do our best to accommodate our customers without losing too much money in the process. If you are not happy with your grippers because they are weaker or tougher than you had thought, send them back and we will refund your money, minus original shipping charges.

For Lifetime Warranty claims please click here for more information and send defective gripper(s) to the address below.

Warranty and Return Addresses:


$6 Checks to be made out to "Rocky Mountain Fulfillment"(for replacements)

Please make checks out to 'Rocky Mountain Fullfillment' our USA shipper:
Rock Mountain Fulfillment

31337 Hwy 92
Hotchkiss, Colorado
Ph: (800) 241-5919
Click here to email Rocky Mtn Fulfillment regarding USA HeavyGrip Return
or call 1-800-241-5919


Send $8 checks to Heavy Sports Inc.(for replacements)

Heavy Sports Inc.
PO Box 67
Fort Frances, ON
P9A 3M5

Please note that you are responsible for shipping charges for all gripper returns. If you get a gripper with a defect, and can email a picture, you will not need to send the defective gripper back.

Please do not send COD as we will not accept them. We will pay the shipping for all grippers being shipped out as warranty replacements, but not for gripper exchanges.

** For USA returns, please make the checks out to "Mount West Communications" as noted above. We are still getting a few checks made out to Heavy Sports Inc. which is located in Canada and the checks cannot be cashed in Hotchkiss, Colorado if they are made out to Heavy Sports Inc.

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