Warranty without an Invoice

Forgot who you purchased your grippers from or lost your original purchase receipt/invoice?

We will replace your HG free-of-charge plus applicable S&H charges!

We have a warranty agreement set up through all our direct retail distributors that dictates that all warranty claims must be dealt with through individual retailers and the proper way to obtain warranty is to contact the original store or online-retailer you purchased your HeavyGrip(HG) from. If we supplied them directly, they are obliged to replace your HG free of charge, although some distributors may charge a shipping fee for warranty exchanges.

If you forgot where you purchased your Heavy Grips, lost your invoice or have warranty problems with a retailer, E-bay seller or other vendor, we will replace the broken/defective gripper at any time (for a true Lifetime) providing that you pay the applicable shipping and handling charges (USA - $5 to $8, Canada $8 to $10 and "outside North America/International" contact for a shipping quote). If you lost your invoice and are not willing to pay S&H, please do not waste our time.

We must receive a clear image/picture or have the defective gripper returned to Heavy Sports Inc for inspection. See www.heavygrips.com/warranty.html for more information on warranty claims.

If you lost your invoice and can not remember who you bought your Heavy Grips(HG) from, we have a list of some of the retail companies that have signed warranty agreements, but we do not have a complete list of the 100 + world-wide distributors as many HG retailers purchase their grippers from other wholesalers. Unfortunately, We have no control over retailers who buy their HG inventory from other wholesalers but we will replace your HG if you send in the applicable shipping and handling charges.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding our Lifetime Warranty.

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