Please sign and fax/email this agreement to your Heavy Sports sales representative.

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Heavy Grips
Reseller Agreement-- Please read carefully and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Lifetime Warranty:
In order to keep Heavy Grips™  wholesale prices low, it is required that all Heavy Grips™ distributors agree to replace broken or defective grippers needing warranty replacement to the original purchaser of the grippers.  The  warranty incident rate in 2012 was under 0.02%.
Heavy Sports does not offer warranty on cosmetic damage or on damage that is done through improper usage or obvious altering of the product. 
**When you place your next order, please inform your customer service rep if you have a warranty claim so they can deduct the warranty issues from your invoice.  If warranty customer contact info is given, we will give 2 credits for each warranty issue (North America only). The extra unit should cover any costs associated with warranty replacements.   We require customer name and phone # as we have had dealers take advantage of our 2 for 1 warranty program until we asked for customer information to back up claims.
**If you notice a high rate of warranty returns, please contact a Heavy Sports rep ASAP.   Please visit for more warranty info.  

As Heavy Grips™ resellers (wholesale and/or retail), we, the undersigned, agree that our company will replace any damaged Heavy Grips™ free-of-charge for the original purchaser. We acknowledge that Heavy Sports Inc. will replace the grippers with our next wholesale order or if we discontinue selling the HeavyGrips™ product line, we will forward any warranty claims to Heavy Sports Inc.

PRICING: We, the undersigned, agree that our company will not advertise the price of the Heavy Grips hand grippers below $14.95  per single gripper or under $25.00 for two units. We also will not retail larger packages (3 to 6 grippers) at a price that is under $10.00 US per gripper. (i.e. 6 Heavy Grips must be retailed above $60.00 US and we recommend $70.00 + ). This keeps all Heavy Grips sales profitable for everyone. The Internet makes price comparisons so quick and easy and we always get notified by numerous HG dealers as soon as a company begins under-cutting the prices on this agreement.  A couple of dealers have been cut-off after not heeding repeated warnings to match the minimum prices they signed for on this agreement and we no longer sell to those companies.  We appreciate your co-operation!

PAYMENTS:  Heavy Sports Inc. prefers wire transfers, checks or US currency money orders for payments. Money orders must be cashable in Canada (the green postal money orders are not negotiable outside the USA so we can only accept International MO's).  To keep wholesale prices as low as possible, we do not accept credit cards for wholesale sales less than $7.50 per unit/ $1500.00 US total. Our US currency credit card fees are high due to being a Canadian corp.

Please sign and fax this agreement  to 807-274-7835 or scan and email to your sales representative.

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