Heavy Grip Warranty

Heavy Grips Handgrippers Warranty Information- fitness hand-grippers, handgrippers, sports equipment, hockey equipment, gym equipment, sport, athletic gifts, **Amazon Customers: Please be aware that there are fake Heavy Grips being sold on Amazon.com mainly through over-seas companies, but there have been a couple of USA companies who have unknowingly purchased low quality counterfeit Heavy Grips from Chinese suppliers which resulted in USA customers who purchased fake Heavy Grips that the Amazon seller of course would not warranty.

Heavy Sports  Inc.  will only warrant HeavyGrips™  sold  to retail customers who purchase at www.HeavyGrips.com.

If you purchased your Heavy Grips™ from one of our distributors, you must contact them in regards to warranty as all Heavy Grip ™ distributors have signed warranty agreements and will honor our Lifetime Warranty.  There has been a problem with counterfeit Heavy Grips being sold on Amazon and if you have a problem with Amazon purchase, contact the Amazon dealer and if they do not respond, please let us know the name of the Amazon dealer so we can report possible counterfeit Heavy Grips to Amazon.com .

If you do not have an invoice, Heavy Sports Inc. will replace your gripper, but you must pay applicable S&H and send us the company name you purchased from so we can verify the defective Heavy Grip is legitimate. Click here for details

Lifetime Warranty

Heavy Grips™ hand grippers carry a Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser. We will replace free of charge any Heavy Grip ™ handgripper that has broken or malfunctioned through normal use or manufacturer defect. Unlike most companies that have a "limited lifetime warranty", our Lifetime Warranty means a lifetime. If your HG hand-gripper spring breaks 15 days, 15 months or even 15 years from now, or a handle ever  falls off, we will send you a new Heavy Grip handgrip, at no expense to you, right away.

If you are able to send us a clear picture of your broken/defective gripper, we will not need you to send it back to us.

If you did not purchase your Heavy Grip from Heavy Sports Inc. please contact the HG Distributor you purchased it from and they should handle your warranty claim. If you lost your purchase invoice click here.

USA/Outside North America: For USA or International Warranty contact Tammy Smith at tammy@heavysports.com or 1 (970) 270-4320

Canada: Contact Canadian customer service by clicking here.

Warranty Exclusions

We do not offer warranty to any Heavy Grip that has not been sold through an authorised Heavy Grip dealer as there have been many fake Heavy Grips on the market in 2014/2015. Contact the company that sold you the defective Heavy Grip as all legitimate dealers have signed warranty contracts and please let us know if they will not give you a warranty so we can report any counterfeit sellers to Amazon or EBay where they have been appearing.

We do not offer warranty on any HG hand gripper that has been broken through misuse, or been altered in any way. If your hand-gripper was not broken from normal grip training, it will not be covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

We also do not warrant against spring scratches and blemishes that were caused for any reason. Due to the manufacturing process of 'twisting' the springs and also the testing equipment we use, some scratches are likely to occur on the gripper spring. These springs will not affect the functionality of your gripper. If you have scratches on your black handgripper spring a high-quality permanent black marker will fill in the scratches so they aren't noticeable

Contact us if you have a warranty issue.

Sorry, but we cannot accept these Green Postal Money Orders. Please consider this fact carefully before sending us a postal money order from the USA. Heavy Sports Inc. is located in Canada and we cannot accept these green money orders. If you send us one, we will not be obligated to send it back. If you are sending a money order from the United States of America (USA), please ensure that it is "International" and can be cashed outside the USA. Thank you!!

Sorry, but Heavy Sports Inc can not accept these MO's. Please send an International MO

Money Order Warning:

Although we have a US warehouse and mailing address for the convenience of our USA customers, Heavy Sports Inc is incorporated in Canada and all checks and Money Orders must be payable in US dollars and negotiable outside the USA.

There has recently been a change to the USPS Postal Money Orders and the Postal Money Order as shown above is not accepted as we are not able to cash it at our bank in Canada. As indicated in red print on the MO, it is "Negotiable Only in the U.S. and Possessions". If we receive this type of MO, we will have no choice but to send it back to you.

The US Postal Service has International MO's that are payable in Canada and Western Union and most US banks also have MO's that can be cashed outside the USA.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Sorry but due to numerous problems in the past, we do not accept any checks or money orders outside USA & Canada

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