Heavy Grips Handgrippers- These heavy-duty handgrippers are perfect for all types of team sports including professional teams, collegiate, high school and universities. Any sports that a stronger grip will help an athlete excel including  hockey, basketball, wrestling, golf, martial arts, karate, badminton, tennis, archery, decathlon, track and field, shot put, throwing, baseball, base-ball, base ball, ringette, women's hockey, girls hockey, junior, hockey, jr hockey, jr. hockey, mixed martial arts, bowling, athletics, athletic, wholesale discounts, fitness equipment, sports equipment, fitness gear, athletic equipment, athlete, athletes,

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The Heavy Grips™ hand-grippers are ideal for any sport that requires a strong wrist, forearm and fingers. The grip/hand strength is often the weak-point of many athletes and an improved grip is a benefit for athletes competing in archery, baseball, badminton,  basketball, body-building, fencing, football, hockey, lacrosse, rugby, softball, tennis, weight-lifting, wrestling and much more.

If your sports team is interested in purchasing a large quantity of  Heavy Grips™ hand grippers than contact us. We offer great discounts on volume orders.

The Heavy Grips™ handgripper line is perfect training tool for the high school athlete to the professional who is looking to improve their game. If your team needs to develop a stronger grip, we guarantee that our hand-grippers will do the job.

For wholesale inquiries for your athletic teams/groups contact  Heavy Sports Inc.

Golf is just one of the many sports that a stronger grip will help athletes excel. Get wholesale pricing for your team or school. archery, arm wrestling,  baseball, basketball, boxing, golf, hockey, martial arts, Olympic strength events, powerlifting, rodeo, strongman, strongwoman, weightlifting and wrestling, golfing, golfers, team sports, team discounts, school discounts, archery, baseball, badminton,  basketball, body-building, fencing, football, hockey, lacrosse, rugby, softball, tennis, weight-lifting, wrestling

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